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POSITION - AmeriCorps Media Educator
Full-time, 10-month


- The Media Educator at OTL collaborates with the leadership team to support OTL’s mission to empower youth to use digital media to create change within themselves, their community and their world and contributes to a sustainable, effective and robust organization. The Media Educator is proactive, flexible and forward looking, working collaboratively toward programmatic goals, supporting other Media Educators, assisting them with classroom needs, including lesson planning, camera and technology maintenance, digital organization, classroom assistance, and exhibition preparation.


- Assists other Media Educators in developing and delivering OTL media curricula to K-12 students, school and organizational sites in San Diego and elsewhere.
- Support coordination for final exhibitions and other student presentations such as portfolios, school assemblies, and in-class presentations
- Works in collaboration with Media Educators to communicate the OTL mission and vision and facilitate programs and program delivery
- Supports with backend of digital registration platforms, data management, and volunteer coordination
- Assist with equipment management and maintenance
- Performs other job duties as assigned by OTL leadership team.


- Demonstrates mastery of media-related subject matter, instructional skills, and resource materials for programs taught.
- Support in creation lesson plans, aligned with current state and national standards.
- Maintain cameras, iPad, and computers, assist with technology check-out and check-in
- Assist other Media Educators with digital file organization
- Support in coordination of student final exhibitions
- Provides complete record of all curricula and educational materials developed and used at OTL assignments in electronic and written form.
- Support in maintaining safe, organized classrooms, which supports students’ independent learning, collaboration and choice.
- Appropriately communicates and interacts with OTL staff.
- Attends and participates in staff meetings and other organizational related events and activities.
- Occasional support with weekend workshop classes
- Demonstrates a commitment to continuous professional growth and works with OTL leadership team to formulate and complete professional development plans.
- Maintains a professional appearance, and demonstrates behavior that is conscientious and responsible.
- Does not engage in discriminatory practices on any basis, including race, origin, gender, socio- economic status, disability, religion, or political beliefs.


- BA in photography, video or film production, media or communication studies preferred. Bachelor’s degree required


- Photography, film and video production, editing, graphic design and visual communication strategies
- Proficient with both MAC and PC platforms
- Software knowledge required: iMovie, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Cloud, Pixlar.
- Knowledge of web based content management systems, video optimization and archival techniques preferred.


- One (1) year marketing, administrative, and media-related creative experience. Ideally experience teaching media to youth, adults or educators.
ABOUT AmeriCorps: AmeriCorps LISC positions are a 10 month commitment with a modest living wage of $17,000 over 10 months and additional benefits, including health care, and an education bonus (Segal Education Award: $6095.00). Please refer to the AmeriCorp website https://www.nationalservice.go... for further info and to help you decide if AmeriCorp is right for you.


Members perform day to day service at Outside the Lens and are expected to attend and participate in all LISC AmeriCorps sponsored activities including but not limited to:

- Attending a national leadership conference tentatively scheduled for March 2018
- Attending all locally sponsored monthly meetings
- Participating in nationally sponsored webinars
- Actively participating in at least two locally identified and team coordinated service projects (one for Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and one for National AmeriCorps Week); and
- Engaging in any other LISC events as determined by the local LISC office.

    This is an AmeriCorps position. As such neither LISC nor Outside the Lens will allow the member to engage in activities that are considered prohibited under the terms of the grant while serving as a LISC AmeriCorps member.


    - To be eligible to participate as a LISC AmeriCorps member the candidate must meet all eligibility requirements to serve as a National Service participant including but not limited to:

    - Be eligible to earn 100% of a full-time education award (Segal Education Award: $6095.00)
    - Be eligible to perform a term of national service
    Possess a high school degree, GED certificate or agree to achieve GED during the term of service
    - Be at least 17 years of age (note there is no upper age limit)
    Have proof of status as a US citizen or possess permanent resident status and be able to provide documentation as determined by CNCS
    - Be available to serve for a full 10 month period of time
    Be able to complete at least 1700 hours of service within the 10 months of service


    - Must be able to pass an initial fingerprint and background clearance check and maintain a valid fingerprint clearance card at all times.
    - May be required to demonstrate fluency in foreign language(s) as well as English (written& oral).
    - May be required to lift and carry heavy, bulky supplies and materials weighing up to 20 pounds.
    - May be required to work outside normal working hours. May be required to travel to perform work functions.